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My Story

My name is Janne, pronounced Yanna.

I’ve recently moved back to Bristol via Machynlleth, having lived and worked in rural Worcestershire for 23 years.  Over the years I have developed an eclectic mix of skills from massage to craniosacral therapy to psychotherapy as well as founding and directing an arts/health centre for many years.

This is when  I began teaching voice work.

I have two adult sons who give me great pleasure and I am blessed and proud to have 3 beautiful grandsons.

As I move into my elderhood I want to devote more time to my passion for voice and song. 

My own journey to voice has been a large part of my quest for health. From my experience working in the NHS (as nurse and health promotion officer) it soon became obvious to me that ‘being well’, involved a multiplicity of factors within life, and that simply focusing on the absence of disease was a very narrow way of looking at health. 

Over the years I have deepened my understanding and relationship to health in many different ways. I now choose to use all of my skills as a Natural Voice Practitioner. I particularly enjoy coaxing people who believe, or have been told to believe, that they can’t sing, into full voice!  

Using our voice touches every part of our body enabling us to exude health.

If you’re interested In my background then click here.

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Dare to sing with me

Voice workshops

Success in learning frequently depends on finding the right Voice Coach.; someone who knows the subject well and understands how to inspire others. My teaching style focuses on skills training, but also emphasizes self-exploration and discovering a passion for something new. Take a look at the lessons I provide and choose the right one for you.

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Do you want to sing with your whole heart but feel something stops you?

Here are two opportunities to try a ‘Dare to Sing’ introductory workshop aimed to spark the beginning of a journey to discover your own authentic voice.

Be prepared for a light-hearted time specifically focussed on anyone who is terrified, silenced, rusty or seriously voice-shy.  Adults of all ages and genders are welcome.

In a non-judgemental, supportive way I will gently and playfully introduce you to your own voice, using movement, breath, sound and maybe even song.  You will be encouraged to join in as much or a little as you want.

Venue:  All Saints Church, The Randall Room, entrance in Alma Vale Road, Clifton, BS8 3ED

Dates:  Intro.1 :  Sunday 28th May 2023, 3-4.30pm   AND/OR  

             Intro.2  : Sunday 11th June 2023, 3-4.30pm

Cost :  £10 each session

Booking Essential : Spaces Limited

Phone:   Janne 07969738142



We will be Covid aware

voice coaching one 2 one.jpg

I’m delighted to offer individual voice work sessions. These last for 1 hour and we concentrate on your own personal voice needs. We will use body warm up exercises, breath work and improvisations, similar to the group but tailored to your own particular needs. If it’s a song you want to learn to sing then this is what we’ll focus on. Otherwise we will use the many ‘tools’ I use for my own voice development.

We will work together to bring out your natural voice, and have some fun.

COST: £30.00 for one hour. (Concessions available )

I can work with you in your own home.


I design each lesson according to my students' needs and abilities

Home: Lessons

"Janne’s openness, fun and love of singing helped me to relax and free my voice. She has lots of creative techniques for warm ups and ways to get the most from your voice. Janne’s encouragement and supportive feedback helped me to sing in a local folk night. She’s fantastic!"

Katie Rowan

Home: Testimonial

"Janne has a very gentle and natural ability in assisting and guiding anyone to uncover their true expression. Working with her has allowed me to explore my natural voice/sound and to discover the power within my voice. She facilitates a transformational journey through the healing power of singing  and her enthusiasm to hear someone finding their own voice is demonstrated in the work she does. I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to benefit from Janne's help."

Daiany Bradley

Home: Testimonial

“If, as was the case for me, there’s a bit of you deep inside that wishes you could feel truly free to find the unique musical sound you have in you waiting to get out, and you really want to be able to enjoy the wonderful connection with people that happens when they value that sound and you choose to sing together, then I think time spent in sessions with Janne could start to change everything for you. She’s reassuring, and alive with belief in what you can do – without anything you can’t do being a problem.

As someone with a long history of finding life difficult I’ve continued learning, starting with Janne, that the whole action of singing is good for my mental and emotional wellbeing, and I hope many others will take the opportunity with Janne to discover this is true for them too.”

Ian Grist

Home: Testimonial

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I’m here to make the learning process easier and more enjoyable for you. Contact me to see how I can help!

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